: This time I won't be afraid of the sun!

Wax & Feather

Stainless steel

Yuliang Kang studio


"Wax and Feather" is a pair of stainless steel candleholders inspired by the ancient story of Icarus and Daedalus, a legend about ambition, creation, and pursuit.

The first candleholder, The Wing of Icarus, extends upward with wild elegance, its sharp edges symbolizing the sharpness of Icarus himself. It stands tall, narrating the dreams that dare to touch the sun, even at the risk of melting away in the fierce heat.

The second candleholder, The Wing of Daedalus, is its serene counterpart, with a more stable and cautious form reflecting Daedalus's wisdom. This piece embodies the meticulous craftsmanship and foresight of the father who designed the wings for escape.

Together, these candleholders present the essence of their mythological core, inviting us to contemplate the eternal dance between adventure and restraint. In our own life's flight, how do we maintain that delicate balance?