In cabinet brimming, smoke unfurls,
Food's dance eludes, in shadows it twirls.
Textures, flavors, hidden in play,
Light's artful touch unveils the array.

Pills, a new feast, in deceit they thrive,
Substitutes for sustenance, we connive.
Plate's bare, cabinet's deceit,
What to eat but the experience sweet?

食物难以捉摸的舞蹈 ,是在阴影中打转。
灯光的触碰揭开 了 不同的想象。



Exhibit July 12-16, 2023 at Truman Brewery


80% of the materials are from discarded garbage and the first important object picked up is the wooden cabinet, which defines the basic language of the installation and the basic shapes.


All parts were assembled in my previous studio in Wimbledon. Based on a basic sketch, unexpected materials and objects were added to the installation in the process.

This is/ Is this/ Still is Charleston House Parallel infusion  II

Installation, Discursive, Repurposing, Narrative space, Food futures, Mediatization, Food rituals, Palimpsest


Drawing from the project's context- " Parallel Injection I " ,  I am crafting a narrative installation for the exhibition in Truman . This installation reimagines the Charleston house as a gastronomic canvas, projecting a future where food transforms into a fuel for efficiency, altering the very essence of dining rituals.

Constructed predominantly from roadkill, this installation delves into and questions prevalent perceptions of "alternatives," while probing the intricate interplay between the "real" and the "artificial." My intent is to critically examine and challenge the pervasive notion of "alternatives," fostering contemplation on the intricate relationship shared by the "real" and the "artificial."

The project is based on a collaboration between the Royal College of Art's Interior Design SuperFutures Platform and the Charleston Trust, imagining society differently in the home of Sussex Museum's Bloomsbury Group - artists and intellectuals who famously lived in squares, who were known for living in squares, painting in circles and loving triangles.

Special thanks

  1. Gem Barton (lead)
  2. Pascal Anson(Main Tutor)
  3. Pierre Shaw
  4. Amelia Jane Hankin
  5. Graeme Brooker(Head)
  6. Tania Lopez Winkler
  7. Ella Doran
  8. Reiko Yamazaki
  9. Kazumasa Takada
  10. Ason
  11. Charleston Trust