Have you seen < The Birds > ?

:       Yes! Do birds really eat people?

Installation,Birds,Deceptive Landscape,Mixed,Space identity, Hide

Yuliang Kang studio

Over Hyde Park.
A flock of birds hovering.
They have already started to attack innocent passers-by.
The next attack will be on our campus. ...

How do we hide?
How do we escape?
What is our attitude?

This installation aims to explore the concept of hiding, establishing a positive and active way of hiding through deceptive landscapes.


  1. Luke Jones
  2. Ella Doran

Specia Thanks
  1. Dr. Tania Lopez Winkler

Intro Video

Strategy for Hiding

6 Ways to hide in different coordinates.
  1. Juggling: Guess where I am
  2. Hide: Cisappear into the
  3. darkness
  4. Stash: Survive the cracks
  5. Disguise: Become a worm
  6. Defence: Balloon as weapon
  7. Mask: A new species

Prototype Test

Material Test

Construction Process