:   It's time to make a stop.


Isolation, Bubbles, Sage time, Technology, Information deluge.

Yuliang Kang studio


In the Covid-19 isolation period, technology became our sole link to the outside world. However, this also revealed the constraints of technology. The overwhelming flow of information has left us disoriented, blurring individuality within collective thoughts and emotions. The project provides a chance to reflect on personal identity and reconsider the interaction of individuals with society and technology, using a foam experience device.


  1. Lei Liu

  1. Ruixing Yang
  2. Yuyan Xie
  3. Yujie Huang


Technology has overcome spatial constraints and kept people connected during times of isolation. Online media usage reached its highest levels, serving both for work, study, entertainment, and daily life maintenance. However, the excessive and biased information spread through online media can distort reality, affecting emotions and thinking negatively, and even causing mental paralysis.


A moment of sage time


Buddha TV ( 1974)
In this work by NamJune Paik, it metaphorizes the author's doubts about the intersection of human self and technology in contemporary society. The core of our project is to achieve self-awareness and the maintenance of personal bottom line by establishing the audience's review of self and technology.

Scene presets

In this figure, we could see the ideal state of our plan is still to place on a public square and open it to the public throughout the day,and provide opportunities for visitors to experience it by themselves.

Technical details

Visitors shape the environment using their own bodies, and the environment, in turn, influences visitor behavior. This interplay constantly shifts between opposition and unity, resembling a game. In the installation, visitors lose direction, facing primordial chaos and exploring the foam-created fantasy scene. Approaching the monitoring screen, they observe their actions and location, grasping their relationship with surroundings. Outside observers interpret the blurred device dynamics personally.


Protective Gear: Wearing gear serves as a ritual to alter visitors' psychological states and strengthen their connection with the external surroundings. Additionally, the gear safeguards against contamination, maintaining the foam's hygiene, dryness, and safety.

Foam Material: To achieve dense and consistent foam, we've chosen playground foam powder after extensive trials. This colorless, tasteless material ensures superior safety and stability compared to other foam sources.