:      I think Frankenstein's story is essentially a story of seeking love

:      He always wanted to be recognized

:      Yes, if he had gone into hiding, things might have been different

Installation, Narrative, Hide, Circulation systems, Splicing, Translation

Yuliang Kang studio


This work attempts to translate Hajduk's manuscript "Master Builder's House" in an anthropomorphic way. Starting with the keyword 'Cycle', a new house is built with Frankenstein as the main character.


  1. Dr. Tania Lopez Winkler
  2. Jee Liu


    Who is the master builder?
    Interpreting Hayduke's Manuscripts -

    Rainwater is collected, stored, burned and eventually distilled into the air.Who is the master builder?

    Is this Builder's way of honouring a certain woman?

    A woman he once met, but could not get to.

    He turned his tears into rain between the clouds,and collecting it

    He turned his love into a blazing fire, burning it

    His tears, finally, returned to the sky amidst the pain of that unavailability.

    But he never forgot, and designed the "Master builder's house"

    To commemorate that love in a timeless way

    But who is the master builder?

    What kind of house would be built by different masters?

    by Yuliangkang 2021

    What if ?

    What if Frankenstein was the Master Builder?
    If Frankenstein had built a machine,

    a machine to help him communicate and live.

    He would no longer confront people with his true identity.

    He chose to become a listener, to listen to the stories of others.

    He made many friends, and he would send lots of fruit to others.

    The lucky friend would be invited to this house.

    But of course,

    this friend would never come back,

    because he would become the new raw material for the construction of the another Frankenstein.

    And the rest of the body will become fertilizer,

    which will be used to get more delicious fruits,
    as well as new friends.

    At this moment,
    Frankenstein is one step closer to his dream.


    Installation view of the ‘John Hejduk: London Masque’ display at the Royal Academy of Arts, London (22 March 2022 - 21 May 2023)