Yuliang Kang  ™

I focus on three driving forces and their shaping of the future: Efficiency & Romance, Artificiality & Nature, Standardisation & Diversification.

We are currently living in an age of increasing mediatization, where the disconnection between individuals and the true origins of things deserves attention. This semester, my exploration aims to discover possibilities for bridging this gap and restoring authenticity by reestablishing the connection between our bodies and the surrounding environment. I am particularly concerned with the constant abstraction of the concept of food. The Charleston House takes center stage as a symbol of reconnection, where the process of infusing the flavors of Charleston's past into personal pills becomes a unique aesthetic. Through these endeavors, I strive to challenge the prevailing and ever-evolving narratives of alienation, emphasizing the importance of direct experience, the significance of the body and processes, and the value of genuine connections in an increasingly mediatized world.

The project is based on a collaboration between the Royal College of Art's Interior Design SuperFutures Platform and the Charleston Trust, imagining society differently in the home of Sussex Museum's Bloomsbury Group - artists and intellectuals who famously lived in squares, who were known for living in squares, painting in circles and loving triangles. 

Special thanks

  1. Gem Barton (lead)
  2. Pascal Anson (Main Tutor)
  3. Pierre Shaw
  4. Amelia Jane Hankin
  5. Graeme Brooker (Head)
  6. Tania Lopez Winkler
  7. Ella Doran
  8. Reiko Yamazaki
  9. Kazumasa Takada
  10. Ason
  11. Charleston Trust

Food in 2052

Culinapills 1.0 from Purefood – In 2052, Purefood becomes the world's leading food company. They develop a highly acclaimed product known as 'Culinapills,' where food is transformed into a fusion of textures and flavors. With a simple gesture of the finger, one can access their desired food experience. 

Textures are intricately embedded into nutritional pills, while flavors are stored in metallic bottles.The flavour controller has successfully replaced the traditional food preparation process and everything is done in real time.

Hunting Gate

WildEpicurean – In a future where food becomes a highly efficient fuel, an alternative desire begins to emerge—a quest for natural, diverse food. 

'HUNTING GATE' seeks to narrate, from the perspective of future journalism, how individuals confront the notion of natural food and the potential moral quandaries that arise, drawing inspiration from Purefood's poaching scandal.

though making

Back to the provenance – In an endeavor to bridge the disconnect between surface and essence, presentation and origin, we embark on the following experiments, delving into the realm of making. Experiment 1: Reconnection: This initiative aims to bring people back to the source. Through an immersive experience, individuals can trace the journey from the water basin in Charleston to its ultimate origins at the seaside or lakeside. This process allows for a renewed perception of water as an elemental force that shapes space

Monument of the Daily – Experiment 2: Monumental Exploration: This project focuses on deconstructing and reconstructing everyday objects to establish a new parallel narrative. It addresses the need for alternative ways of being in Charleston.

Other ways of being

Charleston Assembly Kit

Interior to Element to Interior – Culinapills, with its belief in the combination of flavors and textures, aligns with Charleston's essence by reintroducing the importance of experience and process into the realm of food. The aesthetic ambiance of Charleston House encompasses not only its interior elements but also its emphasis on embodiment. The Boomsbury Group bestowed significance upon Charleston's space through bodily engagement, a profound consideration that shapes the future value of Charleston.

From Charleston to Charleston – I perceive Charleston House as a compilation of assets, offering diverse possibilities through organization and combination.
Charleston Assembly Kit – The invention of Charleston Assembly Kits aims to amplify these possibilities, enabling individuals to construct their own personalized Charleston experiences. User-generated content serves as a practical reference and source for actual constructions.
The process of Charleston assembly kit -It's an open platform that allows users to upload their Charleston creations and be the basis for future Charleston remodels.
The relationship between Kit and space

Parallel Infusion - Bringing the Experience Back to Food

Embark on a sartorial and prop journey.

Harvest the pills in different ways.
Seek the hidden flavors.
Infuse Charleston's flavor into the pills

Backstage & Workshop



This is/ Is this/ Still is Charleston House Parallel infusion

Speculative design, Spatial Experience, Food future, Palimpsest, Design fiction, Ritual, Embodiment